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How are Package Acceptance Services favorable for all seasons and reasons?

Online shopping is exciting and convenient. Browsing through products without having to visit a store along with getting everything delivered to their doorsteps at the tip of their fingers has made it a cakewalk for consumers. 

However, over the past few years, this very pleasant experience has turned out to be a nightmare for a majority of online shoppers, with unforeseen delivery-related incidents. Package theft tops the list for causing anxiety and distress followed by missed deliveries. With notorious sneak thieves, better known as “Porch pirates” stealing parcels right off people’s doorsteps, package recipients are now worried about getting their precious packages safely delivered.

How big is the Package Theft problem?

Safewise, a home security research company, reports an estimated 113 million boxes being swiped off in 2023 alone. While technology can be a boon in many ways, package thieves have also used it to their advantage. A simple missed delivery link containing harmful malware that urges recipients to click on it to reschedule deliveries is one way of hacking into sensitive personal information. These kinds of phony gimmicks have taken porch piracy to another level of deceit altogether.

Missed deliveries can either happen when you are not available at the specified delivery location to receive your packages during a delivery attempt. It can sometimes also happen if you are either in your backyard or taking a shower and somehow not present at your doorsteps at that exact moment to receive packages from a delivery agent.

Scouting for secure delivery locations and then finalizing the most suitable one is one major task that package recipients have to deal with in order to secure their deliveries. If you are one among those looking for a safe source to receive your online deliveries then your search ends with package receiving services.

Package Receiving and Package Acceptance Services

Package receiving and package acceptance services are facilities that you can rely on to receive your online deliveries as an alternate address. You can pick your parcels from them whenever you choose to. These are verified locations that you can see either in your neighborhood or closer to your workplace like a coffee shop or even a restaurant.

Stowfly is a renowned package storage service provider with a vast network of package acceptance locations which you can find and book to promptly receive and hold your parcels. Entrusting the responsibility of package receiving to Stowfly sets you free from having to track package deliveries, stay vigilant and wait for the delivery agent, avoid stolen packages and missed packages and also instances like Amazon missing packages and FedEx lost packages.

Other Precautionary Options and Package Receiving Services 

A few preventive measures can save you from becoming a target for package mishaps and have a safe and pleasant online shopping experience. If you are shopping from Amazon, Amazon hub lockers are a great way to ensure your packages are not left as bait for porch pirates anymore. Some apartments may have the facility of Amazon hub station for residents. It is also advisable to pick your packages directly from a post office, if you happen to live nearby.

Customers can delay package deliveries or divert them to other pick-up points, with or without a fee with either UPS or FedEx.

Making use of package storage lockers or porch lockers is another way to ensure the protection of your parcels. Smart parcel lockers operate using a code which you can use to retrieve your packages after they are delivered.

Stealing packages delivered by USPS is a federal crime. But punishments for parcels belonging to private carriers like Amazon or UPS that are stolen can differ under state laws.

Reporting a stolen or missed package can be a tedious process. With each shipping company having different processes to deal with situations like USPS stolen packages and UPS lost packages it becomes time consuming trying to understand and then follow-up with them.

The simplest and most effective way to avoid these hassles is by opting for package receiving and package acceptance services. These services are extremely affordable with rentals starting at $4 along with a $1000 insurance on all bookings.

Stowlfy package receiving location accepts packages from all shipping and delivery companies, which in turn can save you ample time and effort of having to go stop by individual package hubs or pick-up points to retrieve packages from different carriers.

Package recipients will longer bear the brunt of packages getting stolen and other inopportune scenarios like missing deliveries, thanks to Stowfly package receiving services adequately in charge of receiving parcels.

 Find out how you can optimize package storage with package receiving and package acceptance services in this blog.



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