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How can Package Receiving Services near you help prevent Package Theft?

Updated: Jan 16

Who isn't plagued by issues like package theft, missed packages, lost packages and not to forget porch pirates in this day and age of online shopping? Package recipients have been on tenterhooks looking for solutions to combat them to the best of their capacity.

Porch pirates are getting more innovative by the day to target any unattended online shopping deliveries. Often considered to be a minor crime that is not worthy of police investigation, package theft sadly has 25 million Americans dealing with packages stolen right from their doorsteps by porch pirates each year.

Take NYC for instance, the ever-bustling city leaves no time for online shoppers to make themselves available to personally receive packages, which in turn leads to unforeseen package mishaps. 

Wouldn’t it be relieving to have someone trustworthy to be able to receive packages on your behalf in your absence? This very thought brings forth a service like package receiving and package acceptance and how it proves to be handy.

A package receiving and package acceptance service effectively manages your online deliveries by receiving and holding packages for you until you wish to pick them at your convenience. 

Stowfly offers such package receiving services not just in NYC but across all major cities in the USA like Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Jersey City, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Las Vegas and many more.

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How does Package Receiving at Stowfly work?

You start receiving your packages at a Stowfly package acceptance location closer to you once you find and book the one that suits your convenience. This location can be either the coffee shop in your neighborhood or even a restaurant, ensuring that you need not have to worry about walking or driving for a long distance to retrieve your parcels.

Stowfly package receiving is now your alternate address for you to receive your online deliveries not just from leading carriers like Amazon, USPS or UPS, but also from any other shipping company as well.

A one-time delivery charge of $4 can save you the anxiety and frustration of having to deal with stolen packages and its aftermaths. Which is exactly what a happy verified buyer from NYC has mentioned about Stowfly  in “Living in NYC the majority of my packages tend to get stolen. I also have a love of clothing and shoes and don’t have time to get them from stores, plus most don’t have a good selection compared to online. Long story short things to still fly. I can now get my packages delivered to a safe and secure spot. It’s already saved me over $500 in deliveries that would’ve been stolen this holiday season.”

Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance takes the responsibility of the safety of your packages very seriously. A unique pick-up PIN is generated for you once your parcels are received at our verified location. You or anyone on your behalf who wishes to retrieve packages needs to share the same with our location partner and only then are your items handed over. All Stowfly bookings are also insured upto $1000.

You can forget all about  Amazon missing packages and USPS lost packages with package receiving and package acceptance services managing your parcels.

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