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Exploring in and around some of the Busiest Train Stations in the USA with Luggage Storage

Train stations in the USA play a crucial role in embellishing towns and cities throughout the country. They were designed and built on a grand scale and continue to remain important historical and architectural buildings to this day and age.

The first proper American rail station was built in 1830 by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (Mount Clare station in Baltimore) and train stations since then have come a long way with many of them having witnessed history unfold.

How does Luggage Storage help Maximize Convenience? 

The United States has an excellent rail network for commuters and visitors. Short trips cost less by train which makes it a feasible option for many.  With accessibility to almost all the towns & cities a visitor wants to see, in comfort at affordable prices, trains are automatically one of the most preferred ways to travel.

Train stations therefore become transportation hubs by handling large flows of passengers, visitors, and goods quickly and smoothly and also by seamlessly connecting with other forms of transport. 

Therefore, visitors at train stations are constantly looking to unburden their bags and hop on to other modes of transport without having to carry their suitcases. Though there are options like left luggage and luggage lockers, they are getting scarce in train stations, the main explanation being security. 

It is time that travelers consider utilizing luggage storage services, to be able to temporarily deposit their bags in a secure environment and do whatever they wish to do without being weighed down by their bulky bags.  

Luggage storage services by Vertoe provide professional and safe spaces for anyone wanting to store either their bags or personal belongings closer to train stations. An expansive network of 1000+ locations across 65+ cities lets you book convenient bag storage space anytime and anywhere, be it tourist attractions, landmarks, transit hubs and so on.

A look at some of the busiest train stations in the USA where luggage storage by Vertoe is available to relieve tourists from dragging their burdensome bags are as follows.

Penn Station

The busiest rail hub in North America, Penn Station, NY brings together Amtrak, Long Island Railroad (LIRR), and New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit) services and is readily accessible from more than a dozen subway lines. The stations accommodate more than half a million Amtrak passengers and commuters every day.

It may come as a surprise that there are still plenty of things to do in Penn Station while awaiting your next connection. Guided tours are available to show you parts and pieces of the original Penn Station that remain, from statues to small tiles to a cast-iron waiting room partition. You can also find a seat in one of the cafes or restaurants or opt for a high-class food hall located on top of the station to entertain your cravings while you're waiting for your train.

Drop your bags with Penn Station luggage storage to either take the guided station tour, enjoy a meal, or visit landmarks in NYC like Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Central Park , and the Statue of Liberty without dragging heavy suitcases with you.

Union Station DC

Union Station in Washington DC is one of the country's first great Union railroad terminals and is a transportation hub filled with history, shopping, and dining. This historic landmark has nearly 32 million people, including commuters, tourists, office workers, shoppers, and diners, visiting the station annually. The station serves as Amtrak’s headquarters and is served by the Amtrak, Maryland Rail Commuter Service (MRCS), Virginia Railway Express (VRE), and Washington Metro Red Lines.

There are several things that travelers can explore inside the station, including unique vantage points to view and photograph the station, a behind-the-scenes tour to gain up-close looks at the magnificent details and ornamentation of the station, and much more with a guided tour to learn about the station’s vast history. 

Luggage storage Union Station DC can help you get rid of your bulky belongings temporarily to explore major monuments and landmarks that are within walking distance of Union Station DC like Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Library Of Congress, United States Capitol Building , and  National Mall or to take an uninterrupted guided tour of the station sans baggage woes.

 30th Street Station 

The national transportation landmark and a bustling intermodal center, 30th Street Station is a major transportation hub and West Philadelphia landmark. The station is frequented by millions of passengers each year. Along with being an important transport destination, it is also a landmark dating to 1922 that’s worth visiting for its architecture alone. 30th Street Station serves numerous train routes, including Amtrak lines that connect the city with other destinations on the East Coast.

The boardroom and the chapel are hidden attractions inside the station that are worth exploring. The porch is one of Philadelphia's premier public spaces, located at the south side of 30th Street Station, featuring lunch from rotating food trucks, pop-up performances, lush landscaping, outdoor drinks, and plenty of places to relax.

Explore either the historic landmark of Liberty Bell or places within the station to eat, get immersed in the grandeur of “William H. Gray III 30th Street Station” with its soaring ceilings, art deco windows, and light fixtures by stashing away your bags with 30th Street Station luggage storage

Union Station Chicago

The hub for mid-western corridor services and national network trains serving the west, Union Station Chicago is a treasured part of Chicago’s history. Serving both Amtrak and Metra commuter rail, it is one of the last grand train stations still operating in the U.S. and the only one in Chicago. It is also the third-busiest train station in the United States, serving over three million Amtrak and 35 million Metra customers each year.

A spectacular architectural marvel and a busy transport hub, a visit to Union Station is a must for anyone seeking to explore Chicago's history and culture. This cherished heritage site is also a landmark in itself and a few not-to-miss attractions within the station include the Great Hall, which is the best feature of the station, and The Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge.

Union Station Chicago luggage storage can be useful for travelers wanting to discover captivating art installations, and appreciate the artistic marvels found within Union Station's walls, and savor delicious meals before embarking on their journeys at one of its many dining options or even visit Millennium Park without having to lug bags.

South Station Boston

The second busiest transportation center in New England, South Station Boston is a monumental railway station built at the end of the nineteenth century. In addition to Amtrak trains, MBTA commuter rail and subway trains on the Red Line connect with the historic station along with many regional bus services due to being an intercity bus terminal.

South Station is also a fun place to shop and grab a bite to eat, apart from being a transportation hub. South Station luggage storage facilitates a secure ambiance for your bags and belongings so that you can either explore fun avenues within the station or set about to explore major Boston attractions like Freedom Trail, Boston Common,  Fenway Park, Beacon Hill, TD Garden, North End, and Cambridge without having to haul bags in tow.

Luggage storage services by Vertoe make it possible for you to navigate through some of these busiest transit hubs unhindered, enabling you to make the most of your trips without being encumbered by heavy bags and baggage.

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