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A feasible solution to deal with FedEx missing or lost packages

One of the biggest reasons people use Federal Express (FedEx) to ship their packages in the first place is because FedEx has a glowing reputation when it comes to guaranteeing that your package gets to its ultimate destination – not just in one piece but also on the day you wanted to.

However, FedEx too has its own share of missed packages and lost packages situations, when your packages do not reach their destination on the day that you expected them to. Sometimes (though it’s rare) your package doesn’t show up for days, weeks, or even at all.

As a package recipient, FedEx lost packages are the last thing that anyone wants to worry about.

Issues faced by consumers with regard to FedEx missing or lost packages

We've all likely experienced that sinking moment when we feel that our recently ordered package probably isn't going to arrive. While most eCommerce shipments arrive safely and on time, there are times when a package will get lost or stolen.

A distressed Reddit user who pre-ordered a Steam Deck for nearly $700 was waiting for it to be delivered by FedEx. Having checked the tracking info with the status displayed as "unable to determine delivery date", and then got a text and email saying the package has finally been delivered, but the package wasn’t there. The case was closed after his tracking number and details were determined. He was seen pleading for help from anyone on the forum as the whole thing has been incredibly frustrating for him, with there was no sign of the package, and was told by FedEx that they were looking into it as well.

Instances like these can be annoying as angry customers are eager to find out why they occur and how soon they will receive the package or compensation. Losing packages is undoubtedly challenging, and going through the claims process is even more frustrating. And while there are several options to minimize the risk of losing online delivered packages, most online shoppers still lose their online orders from time to time.

How to report a missing or lost FedEx package by filing a claim?

If you have missed a FedEx delivery, a door tag is left for you. It has a number that’s associated with your package’s original tracking number and the steps you can take to locate your package. You can use your door tag information to track your shipment through the following options:

How to report a missing FedEx package?

If the tracking details show the status as delivered and you can’t find a FedEx package, it shows it was delivered, this is how you can dispute a delivery or report it missing.

If your package’s tracking status says it was delivered but you can’t find it, go to the tracking page and follow these steps:

  • Enter your tracking number or reference number.

  • Select Manage Delivery, then Report Missing Package.

  • Enter your contact information, including your name, phone number, and email address (optional).

  • Click Submit, and you’ll receive a case number assigned to your report.

You can also use FedEx online tool to file a claim for a missing package.

How to file a claim with FedEx?

Claims for undelivered or lost shipments must be filed within nine months of the shipment date. You will need your tracking number to submit a claim online. You can file a claim and include supporting documentation or add it later. This is how you can file a claim for shipments that are damaged, lost, or missing contents.

  • Complete the online claim form: Start a claim by entering your tracking/PRO number.

  • Add supporting documentation like:

Scan of FedEx® US Airbill, FedEx Ship Manager® printout, and/or FedEx Ground Pickup Record, Photos of the package and damaged contents (if applicable), Serial number(s) of damaged or lost merchandise.

Proof-of-value documentation -such as: Copy of the original invoice from vendor/supplier, Copy of retail invoice/receipt, Final confirmation screen of an online order with proof of payment, Itemized repair invoice, or statement of non-repair and Appraisal(s) - Expense statement.

  • Submit your online claim form.

  • Schedule an inspection or conduct your own - You can conduct your own package inspections for FedEx Express or FedEx Ground shipments in the U.S. with a declared value greater than $100 and less than $1,000. Simply download and complete the Inspection Report (400 Kb PDF).

  • Track the status of your claim.

Even though there are processes in place to deal with Fedex lost packages and Fedex Missing packages, it is a time consuming and cumbersome procedure. Follow-ups for claims and refunds can take a toll on you and having to take time out for the same may not be something that is practically possible.

Why go through the hassle of missed deliveries and missed packages in the first place? Utilizing package receiving and package acceptance can help avoid last-leg package delivery-related issues.

Package receiving and package acceptance services are great alternatives as they act as your secondary address to receive packages for you from where you can always pick them up at your convenience.

Stowfly, with a vast network of package acceptance services, is actively involved in the task of receiving closer to you.

Use Stowfly to avoid FedEx missing packages or lost packages

A simple and efficient way to safeguard your valuable packages is by booking Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance services. All you have to do is to find a location that works best for you in terms of proximity to your residence or office and hours of operation. Select the right pricing option between one-time use of $4 per package or one of our monthly subscription options at $7.50 to start receiving your packages.

Stowfly locations can be anywhere from your neighborhood coffee shop, restaurant or even a convenience store close to you. These locations are vetted and verified. You can rest assured that your previous parcels are in safe hands as a unique pick-up PIN code is generated for you once your packages are received at the designated Stowfly location. No one else is allowed to pick up your package unless the correct pick-up PIN is shown to our location partner.

You can prevent all last foot package related problems like missed packages, missed deliveries, package theft, stolen packages and have an upper hand by outsmarting porch pirates by making sure your parcels are way out of the porch piracy radar by making use of Stowfly for package storage.

Utilize Stowfly package receiving services in cities like NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC, Miami, Boston, Denver, Las Vegas, Jersey City & Philadelphia, and do away with FedEx missing or lost packages from now on.

Stowfly acts as an alternative address to receive packages not only from FedEx, but also from Amazon, USPS , and UPS along with any other shipping companies as well for you. This very fact places package acceptance service as a one-stop shop for package receiving from all delivery companies without any distinction. Therefore, issues pertaining to not just Fedex lost packages, but also Amazon missing packages, UPS lost packages, and USPS missed deliveries are now history!



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