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Package Receiving Services in Portland by Stowfly

Updated: Jan 16

Also referred to as “porch piracy”, package theft is a big crime business. With more than 25 million Americans having had their packages stolen right from their doorsteps by porch pirates each year, it is certainly a crime of opportunity.

The Portland metro area is once again in the top 10 for package thefts in the nation’s major metro areas. The area ranks seventh in the US for having the most packages stolen from porches over the past year according to an article published in

Facts related to package theft in Portland

Package theft is causing significant concern to the public and is a rapidly growing crime in the USA, thanks to its persistence with an increase of 23% of stolen packages in the past year alone. The headline of a news report on reads “ Caught on Camera: Thief caught stealing mail off Portland porch”.

With porch pirates following delivery trucks and scooping up packages as soon as they are delivered, this crime of opportunity is here to stay. has news of “USPS mail carrier robbed in Portland”. The article further goes on to mention that a man approached the carrier and showed that he was armed with a handgun and robbed the mail carrier.

The annual amount lost to package theft is estimated at $19.5 billion with the average value of a stolen package being around $50. It is important to understand that current methods are insufficient to avoid package mishaps given the large volume of incidents. A few pointers and takeaways to avoid package thefts are:

  • Exploring safe delivery options like locker pickups.

  • Considering insurance options for your packages.

  • Implementing cost-effective theft prevention measures.

  • Making use of secure delivery locations.

Encouraging alternatives like package lockers can help protect consumer packages. Parcels are delivered into lockers by mail carriers and delivery companies and are essentially lockable storage boxes where packages can be left and stored for collection by recipients. Traditional parcel lockers are operated manually using lock and key features.

Smart lockers on the other hand are automated with an inbuilt innovative electronic locker system where the operating software can provide a better customer experience while reducing the risk of theft, lost packages, and redelivery attempts. Upon delivery, operators trigger notifications to recipients to pick up parcels from delivered parcel lockers. The recipients must scan the barcode on their notification in order to access the smart package storage locker.

Shortcomings like the possibility of a sudden blackout of the control unit or a technical glitch due to a fault in the recognition device along with risks involved in security violations of the electronic devices need to be considered as they can result in roadblocks for consumers while trying to access their packages.

Missed deliveries are not an uncommon occurrence in the delivery chain. Unforeseen circumstances can also lead to missed packages and are not always due to the absence of the recipient while the delivery agent attempts to deliver packages.

In order to avoid missed deliveries and missed packages and stolen packages it is better to employ the services of package receiving and package acceptance.

Stowfly, which consists of a network of trusted shops and stores closer to you, is available to manage your packages effectively with an array of package storage services.

How can Stowfly safeguard your packages from delivery mishaps in Portland?

If you are a frequent online shopper in Portland and are looking for a solution for your persistent package problems like Amazon missing packages and USPS lost packages, Stowly package acceptance location is where your search ends.

Package receiving services facilitate a convenient and easy way to receive packages on your behalf by acting as your alternate address. These vetted and verified locations can be either your neighborhood coffee shop or even a convenience store. Rentals start at $4 per package. You can also opt for a $7.50 subscription for up to 5 packages a month and $15 subscription for up to 15 packages a month.

Annoying instances of Fedex lost packages and UPS missed packages will now be unheard of in Portland, with Stowlfy package receiving and package acceptance services diligently handling and holding packages for you. All your concerns with regard to the safety of your parcels are taken care of. This is why you receive a unique pick-up PIN once we receive your packages at a package acceptance location by Stowlfy. No one else is allowed to retrieve your packages until the pick-up PIN is shown to our Stowfly package receiving location partner.

Stowfly makes no distinction while receiving packages from all carriers. Therefore, you can have your packages from not just Amazon, but also from UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipped to a package receiving and package acceptance location.

Find a Stowly package receiving location that works best for you in terms of hours of operation and distance from your home or office and go ahead with the simple and easy booking process in order to do away with package delivery problems in Portland for good!


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