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Stowfly Package Receiving Service while traveling across the US

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

A package receiving service comes in handy when you are planning to travel across the US and would like to place online orders without knowing where to get them shipped safely.

Let's say you are leaving for NYC either with regards to business, work or pleasure. With the approaching holidays, you have gifts pre-ordered to be shipped to NYC to be picked up. A packed itinerary makes it next to impossible for you to take the time off to receive the same at a designated delivery spot, but at the same time you are worried about chances of the packages getting mishandled or lost.

A bustling fast paced city like NYC has its own share of package woes. New York Times Reports - “ 90,000 Packages Disappear Daily in NYC”. reports “An Amazon delivery driver is out of a job after she allegedly stole packages from a Brooklyn home”.

Brazen instances like these are an everyday occurrence. There are chances of you falling victim to package thefts being a visitor to this city with plans of some heavy-duty online shopping. With no secure location to get your parcels delivered it is certainly an open invitation for package bandits.

Stowfly’s vast network of package receiving services in NYC is your savior that works as an alternative address, where you can safely have your parcels shipped. These locations act as your secondary address and safely hold the parcels for you until you would like to pick them up.

A package receiving service to prevent stolen packages and missed deliveries while traveling across the US

Stolen packages and missed deliveries have sadly become common factors in the delivery cycle. Nearly 4 in 10 shoppers have had a package stolen before it could be delivered, according to a study commissioned by ValuePenguin.

Stolen packages are a crime of opportunity wherein an unattended package is constantly watched by the prying eyes of sneak thieves loitering around the premises and then swept off the porch before anyone realizes it. Whereas missed deliveries are unfortunate instances where the recipient is unavailable due to some reason to receive the package.

There are chances of Amazon missed packages or UPS missed deliveries even when you have a proper delivery address mentioned within your travel destination. Sometimes parcels could be mishandled at the designated location or the area or could be prone to rampant porch piracy. Both instances can prove to be a harrowing experience for the end-customer as having to come to terms with a stolen package or a follow up process to reschedule a delivery can be equally cumbersome. More so,as you are almost ready to embark towards your next port of call.

A package receiving service plays a vital role in this scenario where your parcels are received on your behalf to be picked up by you at your convenience and helps you avoid going through irrelevant package woes.

How does Stowfly package receiving service meet all your package receiving requirements while traveling across the US ?

Stowfly package receiving service acts like a seamless transition and bridges the gap between the delivery company and the end-customer. Stowfly locations act as an alternative address in the form of a nearby convenience store, restaurant or a coffee shop. These locations are vetted and verified to make sure your parcels are safe with an offer of $1000 as an insurance for you to stay assured.

Listed below are few other US cities apart from NYC where Stowfly is omnipresent to receive and safekeep your packages -

Stowfly package receiving services in Chicago mentions an article where - “Federal charges have been filed against five people accused of stealing mail and possessing stolen U.S. Postal Service mailbox keys in Chicago.” This piece of news indicates that package lockers are not full proof secure options when it comes to package deliveries.

Package receiving service in Chicago by Stowfly can act as your secondary address and safekeep your packages while you are out and about attending work, business meetings, sightseeing and so on. You can always pick them up at the end of the day or at your will and wish.

Stowfly package receiving services in Boston

Package acceptance service in Boston is more of a necessity with an alarming number of package thefts and also due to people who frequently miss deliveries due to their non - availability. As a backpacker it is imperative that you are not vulnerable to such bizarre crimes of opportunity.

A recent incident quoted in - “Boston police are looking for the public’s help to identify a person suspected of stealing packages in the Mission Hill neighborhood.” only reinstates the fact of the significance of a package receiving service from a traveler’s perspective.

Stowfly package receiving services in Seattle

A resident in Belvidere emailed with porch-camera video on of a package thief, saying “This package was dropped off 30 minutes before it was stolen”

With Seattle ranked as one of America’s worst cities for package theft, Package receiving service in Seattle is your best bet as an explorer to make sure your online packages are in safe-hands till you decide to retrieve them.

Why Stowfly package receiving service for safekeeping your packages while traveling across the US?

Easy bookings, safety, convenience & budget friendly options along with flexible pick-up terms place Stowfly package receiving service a cut above the rest.

Stowfly helps you save ample time and effort of having to otherwise wait for the packages to arrive along with the added dilemma of having to sideline other prior commitments. As someone who is a tourist, the best part is that you can always pick up the parcel at your convenience.

Go ahead and book Stowfly’s package receiving services in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC , Miami , Boston, Denver, Las Vegas & Philadelphia. Indulge in an online shopping spree to your heart's content while globetrotting. With Stowfly receiving your packages, you can rest assured that your parcels are safe and secure

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