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Package Delivery problems that need your attention

Package delivery problems have become increasingly common in this day and age of e-commerce. Sadly, more than two-thirds of consumers still face delivery problems. It is therefore important to understand and address delivery issues to facilitate an overall smoother online shopping experience.

A few common delivery problems are:

Late or Delayed Deliveries

Delayed deliveries are one of the most common delivery issues faced by customers. Causes like high order volumes, weather, inadequate planning, choice of courier company, etc play a role in deliveries not arriving on time and leave consumers frustrated.

Lost or Missed Items

Sometimes incorrect tracking information results in recipients receiving notifications that their packages have been delivered but nothing on the doorstep. Packages can be easily misplaced due to inefficient delivery management systems. Missed packages can be a source of great agony for recipients. Alongside, parcels can also end up getting delivered to the wrong address and can also be prone to package theft.

Stolen Items

Stolen packages are also on the list of never-ending package delivery issues. Package thieves, also known as porch pirates, steal packages right off your doorstep porch once the items are delivered. The result is a dissatisfied customer experience.

Incomplete Deliveries

Incomplete deliveries can be a hassle and can occur due to either a wrong address entered on the part of either the sender or the customer. Miscommunication between the retailer and the courier can also result in incomplete orders.

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What can e-commerce businesses and package recipients do to ensure a great delivery experience?

A few measures can be undertaken by package delivery companies to improve the delivery strategy of their online business to provide a better customer experience:

  • Choosing reliable courier services for handling packages responsibly and to ensure quick and timely

  • Provide clear communication to customers regarding order status tracking and the whereabouts of their packages in case of any potential delays.

  • Choices for flexible shipping options.

  • Clear guidelines for well-defined returns and refunds policy on the website to avoid a disgruntled customer.

Consumers on their part can be more proactive for a seamless last-mile delivery experience by:

  • Keeping track of their packages to get real-time updates on their status.

  • Ensuring the delivery address is correct before placing orders.

  • Contact the retailer and courier immediately in case of package mishaps to request a refund or replacement.

Package delivery companies have been trying their best to avoid untoward package-related incidents to make sure customers no longer have to deal with Amazon missing packages and USPS lost packages.

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Customers should take the matter into their own hands to make the last-mile delivery experience a pleasant one. Opting for package receiving services as a delivery solution is a smarter and more organized way to ensure that packages get promptly delivered and received in a secure environment.

A safe solution for all your online package deliveries

With package delivery issues becoming a norm in the e-commerce world, it is high time they are effectively dealt with. Packages should be delivered to a location where there must be someone to receive them, if not you.

Stowfly, a package receiving and package acceptance service, is engaged with the task of receiving your parcels on your behalf as your alternate address. You can always retrieve your packages from them when you wish to. Package storage locations can be conveniently located anywhere from a coffee shop closer to your office or a restaurant near your home.

Once your packages are received at a Stowfly package receiving facility, you get notified with a unique pick-up PIN that you will need to show our verified location partners. This is a safety measure on our part to ensure that no one else can pick up your parcels from our package acceptance location without the pick-up PIN being shared in person.

Rentals start at $4, which is extremely minimal when keeping in mind the anxiety and stress one has to face to tackle the frustrating scene of package theft and missed deliveries.

Package receiving locations by Stowfly can help save you the agony of having to wait long and end up in disappointment the next time you order something online. Avail package acceptance services to your advantage in order to make sure that your parcels reach you safely.

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