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Luggage Storage Union Square San Francisco Tips 2023

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Union Square is the heart of San Francisco's theater scene, a hub for destination shopping and lively dining. The neighborhood is also well known as a place to catch one of San Francisco’s famous cable cars, which regularly rattle up and down Powell Street to their Union Square terminus at Market Street.

During the winter holiday season, Union Square hosts an ice-skating rink and other seasonal displays, including a giant Christmas tree, among other special events. Luggage storage Union Square is extremely handy for travelers wanting to wholeheartedly explore one of the most notable outdoor spaces in the world, functioning as a major "urban room" in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

A few pointers on what to consider while zeroing on a luggage storage spot near Union Square, San Francisco are listed below:

Luggage storage Union Square Tips near major attractions

Finding a reliable luggage storage spot at ease and at the earliest convenience is a prerequisite for all.

A few tips that can prove to be useful when scouting for that perfect storage location are as follows:

  • Safety: The first and most important factor when it comes to a baggage storage facility is safety. Knowing and assuring yourself that your bags are in safe hands can make you feel relaxed and at peace while you explore the city.

  • Close Proximity: While dragging your bags on a sightseeing spree can prove to be a bane, scouting for a location that is closer to major attractions can be a time-consuming process in itself.

  • Budget-Friendly Options: There are chances that you may have tight budget constraints when it comes to planning a vacation. Conventional luggage lockers, with their not-so-pocket-friendly rentals can also be a major turn-off in such instances.

  • Bookings: Most bag storage locations ask for bookings well in advance, as there may be chances of last-minute unavailability during peak season.

Vertoe Union Square bag storage has all your prerequisites covered when it comes to finding a secure baggage storage spot. With conveniently located, budget-friendly storage choices that prioritize the security of your bags, you can rest assured and totally embrace those carefree touristy vibes! Simply visit and select your preferred date, location, and the number of items and proceed with payment to confirm your booking. To get additional details on luggage storage in San Francisco, you can also check the article by freetoursbyfoot.

Check luggage storage San Francisco Tips 2022 for additional bag store related information.

Vertoe Luggage storage Union Square options near major attractions

Union Square, located in central San Francisco, is a popular location for both tourists and locals. This area refers to the central shopping, hotel, and theater district that surrounds the plaza for several blocks. It is also the location of many historical monuments and contains a built-in stage, an underground garage, and several local vendors. During the holidays, Union Square hosts a seasonal ice skating rink, and is a popular destination for thousands of people.

A few of the major attractions closer to Union Square San Francisco where you can find luggage storage space are mentioned below:

Lombard Street

Known as the “Crookedest Street in the World,” Lombard Street is one of San Francisco's most popular landmarks. Every year, millions of visitors walk or drive down its eight sharp hairpin turns.

Surrounded by Russian Hill mansions and perfectly manicured landscaping and flowers, it is also one of the city’s most scenic streets. Take a spectacular photo at the bottom looking up or enjoy the breathtaking view from the top looking out onto the San Francisco Bay, the Bay Bridge, and Coit Tower.

It is best to be prepared by making use of Lombard Street luggage storage, as it can prove to be beneficial while you visit one of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco, which attracts over 2 million visitors yearly.


The Embarcadero is one of the liveliest and most scenic areas in San Francisco, and a great place for a weekend stroll along the waterfront looking out over the Bay. This street has wide sidewalks that run along the eastern shore of the city. It starts in the north near Pier 39 and runs all the way south down to Oracle Park.

Along this popular street, you will find plenty of things to do including cruises, shopping, restaurants, bars, and sporting events. It's also where you will find the Exploratorium, the James R. Herman Cruise Terminal, and SF Giants Baseball games.

Luggage storage in Embarcadero makes it feasible for you to drop your bags in order to be able to enjoy one of the best walks in the city, with a beautiful bay view over its miles of sidewalks, which is also a bustling area of shops, businesses, and sightseeing attractions.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf is the most family-oriented place in San Francisco and contains the highest concentration of activities for families with children and is therefore one of San Francisco's most popular destinations for a reason.

The cheery ringing of the cable car bells; the sights, sounds and smells along busy Jefferson Street; the renovated historic red-brick factories; the steaming street-side pots of Dungeness crab—all help make Fisherman’s Wharf the city’s top-rated tourist attraction year after year.

Luggage storage Fisherman’s Wharf lets you appreciate the great pleasures of visiting the city’s historic landmark where visitors can peer down at the fishing crafts riding in the calm water or pause to watch fishermen mending a net without any baggage worry.

Why Vertoe for all your luggage storage needs near Union Square?

Vertoe is the world's first highly rated daily luggage and short term storage provider with rentals starting at $5.95/day/item. You can book and access safe storage space instantly anytime, anywhere.

Give yourself a well-deserved respite from dragging bags and baggage. Our instant storage service accommodates the needs of daily storage as well as short-term storage, be it storing your bags for a couple of hours or for a few days.

Vertoe offers 1,000+ secure locations across 65+ major cities in the world and therefore has ample bag storage spaces near Union Square as well. Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Berkeley, Downtown SF, and Pier 39 are some of the other major attractions and landmarks in San Francisco where Vertoe locations are easily available for you to let go of your heavy suitcases.

Apart from this luggage storage by Vertoe is also present closer to all major transportation hubs in San Francisco like Caltrain Station and also near San Francisco International Airport and Oakland Airport.

You can also look at luggage storage San Francisco for additional bag drop off details.



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