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Luggage Storage San Francisco Tips 2022

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Famous for its summer fog and cable cars, San Francisco has long been a popular place to visit in California. Nicknamed as "The Golden City"- in reference to the California Gold Rush to golden-brown grass on hillsides in the dry season, along with the famous Golden Gate Bridge and all the way to the golden sunset.

With an added advantage of favorable weather conditions that are fairly mild year-round, anytime is the best time to visit San Francisco. Fall offers some of the city's warmest temperatures year-round. Spring is another good time to visit thanks to its mild temperatures and lack of rain. December also is a good idea for those looking to experience the Christmas and New Year celebrations in the city's unique festive spirit.

Let your heavy suitcases not be an obstacle whilst you experience the city that still exudes some sixties hippie vibes. Luggage storage San Francisco is a safe & steady year-round storage facility where you can stash away your bags and explore this city of opportunity with ease!

More tips & pointers to remember while looking for a luggage storage spot in San Francisco are listed below:

Luggage storage San Francisco Tips near major attractions

Finding a reliable luggage storage spot at ease and at the earliest convenience is a prerequisite for all.

A few tips that can prove to be useful when scouting for that perfect storage location are as follows:

  • Safety: The first and most important factor when it comes to a baggage storage facility is safety. Knowing and assuring yourself that your bags are in safe hands can make you feel relaxed and at peace while you explore the city.

  • Close Proximity: While dragging your bags on a sightseeing spree can prove to be a bane, scouting for a location that is closer to major attractions can be a time-consuming process in itself.

  • Budget-Friendly Options: There are chances that you may have tight budget constraints when it comes to planning a vacation. Conventional luggage lockers, with their not so pocket friendly rentals can also be a major turn-off in such instances.

  • Bookings: Most bag storage locations ask for bookings well in advance, as there may be chances of last-minute unavailability during peak season.

Vertoe has all your prerequisites covered when it comes to finding a secure baggage storage spot. With conveniently located, budget-friendly storage choices that prioritize the security of your bags, you can rest assured and totally embrace those carefree touristy vibes! Simply visit and select your preferred date, location, and the number of items and proceed with payment to confirm your booking. To get additional details on luggage storage in San Francisco, you can also check the article by freetoursbyfoot.

Vertoe Luggage storage San Francisco options near major attractions

From a culture filled with tech startups, a diverse food scene and funky neighborhoods to big-ticket must-sees including the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and hilly rides on cable cars, there is so much that makes San Francisco a fun travel destination.

Below mentioned are few of the major attractions in San Francisco where you can find Vertoe luggage storage space:

Golden Gate Bridge

The stunning Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic structural monuments in San Francisco. It is the second longest suspension bridge in the US and ninth longest in the world. This 1,280m long bridge connects San Francisco and Marin County.

The Golden Gate Bridge was opened in 1937 and has a main span of approximately 4,200ft and a total length of 8,980ft (2,737m). Painted in a beautiful bright red-orange color, this scenic beauty has become an internet sensation by being the most photographed bridge in the whole world.

Make use of Vertoe luggage storage facility in San Francisco in order to facilitate taking in those awestruck & unobstructive views of the bridge absolutely hassle-free!

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is located in San Francisco Bay, 1.25 miles offshore from San Francisco. Now, this once infamous prison island is part of the Bay Area’s 80,000-acre Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Long before Alcatraz Island was the maximum-security penitentiary it came to be, it was the home of the first lighthouse built on the West Coast, dating back to 1854. A visit to the island includes a tour of the cell house where visitors can see where the prisoners lived.

Let luggage storage San Francisco take custody of your bulky bags, while you take in the spectacular views, and walk away surprised by the rich history of the island, a history that is more than any movie can show.

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf is a famous neighborhood in San Francisco and is an extremely busy tourist destination with several attractions. Originally Fisherman's Wharf was the dock where the Italian fishermen brought their daily catch to be sold on the waterfront.

Visitors can easily spend an entire holiday exploring locations here including independent boutique shops, historic locales, tons of unique museums, and some of the best seafood can be found in this part of the United States. More than 75 percent of San Francisco's visitors include Fisherman's Wharf on their itinerary.

Luggage storage Fisherman’s Wharf is the made-to-order solution for you to be able to fully experience this historic waterfront district, where fishing boats & sea lions basking in the sun along with seafood stalls and restaurants demand your undivided attention.

Pier 39

Pier 39 is the most popular tourist destination in the city, consisting of a shopping center, an entertainment complex, a selection of restaurants and gorgeous views of the water that surrounds San Francisco.

If shopping is your thing, you will find 90+ stores offering everything from souvenirs to sports memorabilia. Pier 39 is also where you can find fun and exciting attractions such as the Aquarium of the Bay and the 7D experience.

It is highly recommended that you make use of Luggage storage Pier 39 in order to indulge in that much-awaited shopping spree completely undisrupted!

Listed below are some of the other locations where Vertoe’s San Francisco luggage storage spots are available:


The Embarcadero is the boulevard and is one of the liveliest and most scenic areas in San Francisco. It is a great place for a weekend stroll along the waterfront looking out over the Bay. A number of San Francisco attractions are sprinkled along this street, and it is a popular place for strolling. The long stretch of The Embarcadero features something to be seen from every decade in San Francisco's history.

Luggage storage Embarcadero is your best bet when it comes to putting your bulky bags aside for safekeeping. Let dragging your bags not diminish this well-deserved fun & frolic escapade while you make memories that last a lifetime!

Downtown San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco is known as the center of the city's business industry. It is a loosely defined area that includes the Financial District and parts of Union Square, the Tenderloin, Chinatown, and South of Market.

This area has quite a few fun things to do and see which makes it a must visit location, like museums, concerts, and theater performances, some of the best hotels, restaurants, and fun nightlife options.

It is centrally located, which makes it easy to get to all of SF's top attractions and other neighborhoods around the city. This close proximity makes it easier for you to simply drop off your bags at either Luggage storage Downtown San Francisco or luggage storage Union Square and pick it up as effortlessly as well.

Ride a Cable Car

San Francisco is one of the few places in the world where people can ride on a national historic landmark. The cable cars are the world's last manually operated cable car system, a tramway whose cars are pulled along by cables embedded in the street.

Let your heavy suitcases stay put at any one of Vertoe’s storage facilities, namely Luggage storage Embarcadero , Luggage storage Fisherman’s Wharf or luggage storage Union Square as the cable car goes through these major landmarks. This can enable you to hop on and hop off the cable car to drop and pick them up conveniently wherever & whenever you wish to.

Luggage storage San Francisco Tips near Transit Spots

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency oversees transit, streets and taxis in the city of San Francisco, California. Being a major transportation hub and a meeting point for many travelers and locals alike, public transportation is generally good in San Francisco and in the surrounding Bay Area.

With most of the popular attractions being within walking distance of the city center, San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) & Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) leave little need for you to opt for private modes of transportation.

The MUNI system includes streetcars (trains), buses, and cable cars that run within the city of San Francisco. BART is a subway-type system that serves the entire Bay Area.

The fact that San Francisco’s comprehensive public transportation network takes you anywhere you need to go makes luggage storage in San Francisco a must in and around this vicinity for the convenience of commuters and tourists alike.

A few tips that one needs to keep in mind while scouting for storage space near transit spots are-

  • Safety: The first and most important factor when it comes to a baggage storage facility in and around a transit spot is safety. Knowing and assuring yourself that your bags are in safe hands can make you feel relaxed and at peace while you explore the city.

  • Convenience: The convenience associated with the location being closest to a transit hub makes it all the more worthwhile. It would be a shame to walk around for miles searching for a storage location.

  • Connectivity: Connectivity to other modes of means of transport plays a crucial role in choosing the perfect luggage storage facility. There is nothing more one can ask for if a given location acts as a link between 2 or more transit spots.

  • Easy drop & pick up: A said baggage storage location needs to facilitate easy drop and pick up in order to enjoy a hassle free to and fro experience during dropping and then picking up bags at a transit spot.

Vertoe is extra vigilant while vetting each store location in-and-out in order to establish and ensure that your bags are in safe hands. Our unique tamper-resistant seal, that is provided as a complimentary in order to make sure that the contents of your bags stay safe and intact.

With an extensive network of easily accessible locations, luggage storage San Francisco simply cannot get better than a Vertoe experience.

CalTrain Station

Caltrain is a commuter rail service in the San Francisco Bay area. Trains travel in between San Francisco and San Jose with some continuing as far south as Gilroy. The San Francisco CalTrain terminal is located at 4th Street and Townsend Street. For daily commuters, the cost of a monthly pass provides substantial savings.

Luggage storage in Caltrain Station becomes a feasible option for commuters and tourists for temporarily safekeeping their bags to get going about their business without having to drag them in tow.

Luggage storage San Francisco Tips near Airports

The San Francisco Bay Area has two major international airports – San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Oakland International Airport (OAK). With these two main airports situated on opposite sides of the bay, travelers have an important choice to make between SFO & OAK.

A few checks need to be in place before opting for a bag storage spot near these airports-

  • Safety: A safe and secure luggage storage environment is paramount before you decide to let go of your bags for a while.

  • Cost- effective options: Ending up overpaying for a short-term luggage storage facility should be discouraged. For an affordable convenience fee, you can leave your bags at a temporary storage facility instead.

  • Convenience: Look for a convenient storage facility in order to avoid constant back and forth at the airport while holding your luggage to avoid cumbersome and inefficient travel.

Vertoe is an efficacious instant luggage storage service that serves the very purpose of saving ample time & effort during dropping and picking up your bags. Book a Vertoe space & carry on with your expeditious touristy agenda totally worry-free!

San Francisco bag storage facilities available closer to airports are:

San Francisco International Airport

Serving as the only maintenance center for United Airlines, San Francisco Airport is the world’s 21st busiest airport and the seventh busiest in the United States. It is owned by the City and County of San Francisco. SFO offers nonstop flights to Asia, South Pacific, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the US, world-class facilities, shopping, dining, and more!

The fact that this airport caters to a vast majority of travelers automatically places luggage storage at SFO at a vantage point than any conventional luggage lockers.

Oakland Airport

Oakland International Airport is just 25 minutes from downtown San Francisco in the heart of the Bay Area. Located five miles south of downtown, Oakland International Airport (OAK) is the second-busiest airport in the San Francisco Bay area. It also has the distinction of being the closest airport to San Francisco's financial district. Non-stop flights are available to points across the United States, Mexico and Europe. The airport has four runways and two passenger terminals with a total of 30 gates.

An added advantage of being located closer to San Francisco’s Financial District automatically places Luggage storage in Oakland Airport as a desirable spot for businesspeople and visitors to let go of their voluminous bags temporarily and pick them up at leisure.

Book Vertoe for all your luggage storage needs in San Francisco

Vertoe is a comprehensive bag storage option for anyone looking to leave their bags. Vertoe accommodates the needs of daily storage as well as short-term storage, be it storing your bags for a couple of hours or for a few days. Simply book a Vertoe and do away with all your luggage related apprehensions. Give yourself that well-deserved respite from lugging those bags and baggage and get footloose and fancy-free!

Go ahead and make the most of all these perks by booking a Vertoe space for all your luggage storage needs in San Francisco. Additional information regarding the same can be found at luggage storage San Francisco



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