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Package Receiving Services to ensure secure online deliveries in NYC.

Updated: Jan 16

Stealing packages off the porch is more than just a misdemeanor. Package thefts have skyrocketed after home deliveries have gone up during and after the pandemic.

Package theft trends in NYC

A news article on reports, “Queens residents warned of rise in mail theft across borough”. Congresswoman Grace Meng says she has received hundreds of complaints from victims who say they've lost important documents, checks and credit cards because of the thefts. has news of UPPER EAST SIDE, NY where Police are still looking for the criminals behind a pricey stolen package theft in May and a bruising midday beat down in July, according to the NYPD. Elaborating further, the article mentions - “On May 12, a man stole nearly $1,600 worth of packages from a residential building on East 81st Street between York and First Avenue, according to officials.”

With untoward brazen daylight instances like these it is high time porch piracy and package thefts is declared as a federal crime and holds porch pirates accountable.

“NYC deploying package lockers to combat theft, cut down on delivery truck trips” according to ““New Yorkers deserve convenient delivery without rampant theft or harmful pollution. With the Locker NYC pilot program, our administration is providing a creative solution that addresses all three,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “Shared lockers are a proven model that will serve our economy, our health, and our quality of life, and this is just the beginning.”

Third party carriers like Amazon, UPS, FedEx and USPS too have their own share of package delivery woes in NYC, which is why consumers are constantly battling FedEx stolen packages and USPS lost packages

Missed deliveries and missed packages are very common in NYC as the ever-bustling city leaves no time for package recipients to always make themselves promptly available to receive parcels. Package recipients in NYC have a fair share of Amazon missing packages and UPS missed deliveries to deal with.

Precautionary measures against stolen packages and missed deliveries in NYC

The pertinent question however remains if deploying package lockers will help combat the issues like stolen packages and missed deliveries in NYC at large.

Of course, package lockers and parcel lockers are alternate solutions where a lockable storage box is used to drop parcels safely by carriers and delivery agents. Operated generally using lock and key, a latest version, namely smart lockers are digitally coded storage lockers, helpful in securely handling and managing last-mile deliveries effectively.

Delivered parcel lockers no doubt is reliable, flexible and easy to use. Deliveries through package storage lockers help eliminate repeated delivery attempts and instances related to stolen and missed packages. Nevertheless, they are not pocket-friendly and come with risks of malfunctioning which can prevent you from accessing your valuable packages.

Managing online deliveries with package receiving and package acceptance in NYC is advisable in order to ensure the security of your packages. Package acceptance services work as your secondary address to receive parcels for you. These packages are held onto until you decide to retrieve the same at your convenience.

What makes Stowfly package acceptance an ideal choice for package receiving in NYC?

Stowfly offers such package receiving services with a trusted network of shops and stores, like your neighborhood convenience store or a restaurant that act as your alternate address. The process to book a Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance location is simple and easy by finding one that works best for you in terms of hours of operation and distance from your home or office. You can start receiving your parcels there after completing the booking process.

You need not worry about going overboard on your budget as pricing options start at $4 for one-time delivery along with a $1000 insurance policy per package. Our unique pick-up PIN that is generated for you ensures that no one else can collect your parcels until the same is shown to our verified location partners.

Find out more about package acceptance services available in Brooklyn in this blog.




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