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Ensuring secure Package Receiving for your parcels in Washington DC

Updated: Jan 16

According to key findings of the Annual package theft statistics and trends of, “Package thieves poached more than $8 billion in merchandise over the past year. The typical stolen parcel was worth about $50. Forty-four percent have had a package taken at some point in their life.”

It is quite common for people to seize the opportunity to indulge in package theft when they see a package left on the porch. Known as “porch pirates”, these sneak thieves take advantage of a possibility that is presented to them. This is also why the capital city of Washington DC is plagued with issues like FedEx stolen packages and UPS missed deliveries as well.

An article published in reports that “Authorities arrested a man they say stole multiple packages from along the H Street corridor in northeast D.C.”

Porch piracy alone caused an estimated $6 billion dollar losses according to Safewise. The risk porch pirates take to steal packages is very low and the punishment, even if they get caught, is minimal.

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A few proactive measures of foiling package thefts and deterring porch pirates are:

  • Asking the delivery agent to deliver packages out of plain sight - It is always better to leave clear delivery instructions while placing an order. This way you can ensure an established delivery spot that is obscured and not visible from the road.

  • Installing home security systems like security cameras and motion detection lights - Installing doorbell cameras that also come with built-in motion detection will alert you when someone is at your front door. Your doorway can clearly be seen even in low light as these cameras are also equipped with night vision.

  • Upgrade your mailbox - Get lockboxes to replace your current mailboxes in order to secure your mail and parcels.

  • Opt for “ship to store” instead of home delivery - This is a feasible option since many retailers have facilities where you can order stuff online and have them sent to the store for pick up.

Though the above-mentioned ways can help reduce the risk of stolen packages, they certainly aren’t fool-proof solutions to ensure the safe delivery of your packages. It may practically not be efficient for someone who wants the comfort of online deliveries when you actually have to end up driving to the store to pick up the order yourself.

Luckily, there are other options to prevent frequent occurrences related to package thefts, missed deliveries, and porch piracy. Utilizing package receiving and package acceptance services from a source like Stowfly, which specializes in offering an easy, convenient way to get packages delivered to a location near you.

The benefits offered by Stowfly package receiving services outweigh any other means of package storage like package lockers and delivered parcel lockers. If you have constantly been facing issues related to missed packages, USPS lost packages, and Amazon missing packages then your frantic search for an effective solution for all your package-related woes ends with Stowfly.

Rentals are affordable and start at $4 for one-time delivery and $7.50 for subscription, and a $ 1,000 insurance policy per package is also offered. Typically, a package acceptance location works like your secondary address in order to receive packages on your behalf from where you can always pick them up at your convenience. These locations are anywhere from either the convenience store located across the street or even a restaurant in your neighborhood.

Package receiving and package acceptance in Washington DC is a sure-shot way to make sure your packages are received by verified and vetted location partners for whom the security of your parcels is of great importance. A unique pick-up PIN is generated for you once your packages are received at a Stowlfy location. You can stay assured that no one can pick up your packages from our package receiving and package acceptance location unless the pick-up PIN is shown to our location partner.

It's time to ensure organically safe and secure online deliveries by making use of package receiving and package acceptance services in Washington DC.

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