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All about Package Receiving and Package acceptance Services in Seattle

Updated: Jan 16

Experts say that package theft is expected to continue rising as more goods are purchased online and delivered to homes. Package theft is an upsetting crime. While it doesn’t entail the same sense of violation that a home invasion does, it still means that someone was on your property taking your things and perhaps has access to something personal to you.

Learning some methods to prevent stolen packages, and to protect yourself from package theft, can help ensure that your packages get where they belong.

All about effectively combatting package theft in this blog.

Common package delivery problems in Seattle

An article from mentions - A new study from has ranked Seattle as the fourth-worst metro city in the U.S. for package theft.

The U.S. Postal Service has temporarily halted mail delivery for an unknown number of Southeast Seattle residents because of a rapid increase in mail theft in the area, USPS officials said Friday according to an article mentioned in

Package theft refers to the act of stealing a package by sneak thieves, also known as ‘porch pirates’ after it has been left unattended. The number increasing every year as “porch pirates” get bolder and ordering online grows in popularity. Package thefts generally increase during the holiday season which is also why you frequently hear terms like Amazon missing packages and FedEx lost packages.

Missed deliveries and missed packages are also on the rise. If a carrier attempts to deliver a package, but the recipient is not available to receive it, then it will be called a missed delivery. In some areas, delivery agents are able to leave the packages on the recipient’s porch when no one is available to sign for the shipment. However, this opens up more chances of packages getting stolen in the bargain.

Missed packages have become a growing concern with package recipients as many times these result from incorrect scanning or sorting of packages, miscommunication, or logistical issues as well.

This blog can help you with pointers on potential ways to deal with missed deliveries and missed packages.

Can package lockers solve package delivery issues in Seattle?

Package lockers offer solutions to the struggle of managing deliveries and retrieving parcels. These are lockable compartments that provide a secure and convenient way for couriers to deliver and recipients to receive packages.

Parcel lockers have a modern-day variation, namely smart lockers. Their doors are secured by electronic locks that are wired to a touchscreen interface located on the package lockers. Delivery agents can enter an assigned PIN or scan a barcode to log into the system and deliver packages to the compartments that the system assigns them for different packages. The system automatically notifies recipients when parcels are placed in their compartments.

Delivered parcel lockers solve package theft and missed delivery problems. Nonetheless, there can be issues when deliveries start overflowing the package locker. This can happen if you have a small package locker or during times of online shopping frenzy.

Typical package storage lockers can only accommodate a small number of parcels. If there are oversized packages, then the risk of couriers having to either take them back or leave them on the floor beside the parcel locker, where they can go missing or get damaged is always at large.

A competent way to resolve pertinent issues associated with missed packages and stolen packages is to make use of package receiving and package acceptance services.

Find out how crucial package receiving and package acceptance services are in Seattle in this blog.

How does Stowfly package receiving and package acceptance service effectively manage package deliveries?

Stowfly consists of a network of convenient and secure package delivery and pick-up facilities offering package receiving and package acceptance services. A system of trusted shops and stores allows you to receive your online deliveries at their locations and pick them up at your own convenience.

Stowfly package storage locations can be anywhere from your neighborhood convenience store or even a restaurant that acts as your alternative address and receives packages for you. Pricing options are extremely affordable, starting with $4 for one-time delivery, and all our bookings are insured up to $1000.

You can now breathe a sigh of relief as package delivery issues related to UPS missed packages and USPS stolen packages in Seattle are now going to be a thing of the past!

Once we receive your parcels at our package acceptance location a unique pick-up PIN is generated for you. This PIN needs to be shown to our location partner before you can retrieve your packages. This is done to ensure the security of your packages.

Simply book Stowfly package receiving services by finding a location that works best for you in terms of proximity closer to your home or office and begin receiving your parcels there.

More details about package receiving and package acceptance services in Seattle here.



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