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Protect your belongings while you travel with Luggage Storage Services

Vacation involves exploring a new country or city in the most unrestrained possible way, strolling down streets, and taking in the sights and sounds of the new place. 

However, there can be situations where you have landed in a city way before your hotel check-in time. You have no choice but to drag your heavy suitcases with you while you decide to indulge in some sightseeing. 

But what if you are on a sightseeing expedition, your attention gets diverted to something interesting, and before you realize it your bag has disappeared? Luggage theft is a common problem. With over 2 million cases of luggage theft reported worldwide, this number is likely much higher, as many cases go unreported.

How to deal with lost luggage while traveling?

Losing your luggage while traveling can be a devastating and unsettling experience. Your bags could include valuable items or even stuff like your passport or other important documents.

Luggage can get stolen anywhere and this is what you can do to prevent the same and limit the impact it has:

  • Be cautious and vigilant- Always keep your bags in your sight as much as possible. Letting your guard down at crowded transit spots and places that are tourist points of interest is risky.

  • Invest in anti-theft luggage - Anti-theft backpacks offer great security for travelers with their slash-proof materials and locking mechanisms. 

  • Report immediately in case of theft - It is always advisable to report missing belongings to someone depending on where you are, either a driver in public transport, a manager at a restaurant, and so on.

  • Lodge a police complaint - It is important to report that your luggage is stolen or missing within 24 hours to validate your travel insurance coverage.

  • Contact your insurance company- to begin claiming missing belongings, and seek reimbursement, or replacement of those items. 

While it is not always possible to prevent luggage theft, there surely are ways to limit the risk by utilizing facilities like luggage storage services.

Where can you store your bags safely?

Luggage storage services offer to securely hold your belongings temporarily for a daily or hourly fee while you can go ahead with your day with peace of mind. Vertoe is a pioneer and the world’s leading on-demand short-term storage service provider with a vast network that includes 1000+ locations across 65+ cities.

Luggage storage at Vertoe is a great way for travelers, locals, businessmen, professionals, and even for students to drop their heavy suitcases, work gear, books, or other personal belongings anytime anywhere, thanks to an array of conveniently available instant storage spaces.

Vertoe bag storage spaces take extra care to ensure the safety of your bags and that is why they are secured using uniquely coded tamper-resistant seals once you deposit them with us. A vast presence that includes all major cities along with their landmarks and transportation hubs in the USA.

Take NYC for instance, one of the world’s most diverse destinations. Luggage storage facilities available at the Empire State Building, The National September 11 Memorial Museum, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller CenterCentral Park, Times SquareGrand Central Terminal, Penn Station, Port Authority, Newark Airport, JFK Airport make it possible to explore the city’s many cultural enclaves and much more completely at ease!

Exploring the city of opportunity like never before with bag store options in San Francisco across  Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square, Alcatraz Island, Fishermans Wharf, Embarcadero, Caltrain Station, SFO Airport among many others is convenient and hassle-free.

Bag storage locations are available in Los Angeles, which is home to renowned museums, unique hotels, diverse experiences, and 75 miles of sunny coastline like  Universal Studios Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, The Getty Center, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Los Angeles International Airport, Union Station make exploring “the angels” all the more worthwhile without lugging bags.

If you are wondering about pricey rentals creating a hole in your pocket, you can rest assured that it will cost you $5.95/day/item. As an added security measure $5,000 insurance is also offered per booking.

Protect your bags by dropping them at a secure luggage storage facility and enjoy the benefits of a bags-free tour like never before!



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