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Luggage Storage Toronto Tips 2023

Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario, is Canada's largest city and is North America's fifth most populous municipality – with a population of 2.9 million people. As Canada's financial center and number-one visitor destination, Toronto treats its residents and guests to a plethora of things to see and do.

Utilizing luggage storage in Toronto becomes inevitable in the city which has year-round sights and attractions including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Toronto Zoo, and not-to-be-missed Niagara Falls located only an hour’s drive from Toronto.

Below in this article, you can find tips on what to consider while choosing a luggage storage facility in Toronto:

Luggage storage Toronto Tips near major attractions

Finding a reliable luggage storage spot at ease and at the earliest convenience is a prerequisite for all.

A few tips that can prove to be useful when scouting for that perfect storage location are as follows:

  • Safety: The first and most important factor when it comes to a baggage storage facility is safety. Knowing and assuring yourself that your bags are in safe hands can make you feel relaxed and at peace while you explore the city.

  • Close Proximity: While dragging your bags on a sightseeing spree can prove to be a bane, scouting for a location that is closer to major attractions can be a time-consuming process in itself.

  • Budget-Friendly Options: There are chances that you may have tight budget constraints when it comes to planning a vacation. Conventional luggage lockers, with their not-so-pocket-friendly rentals, can also be a major turn-off in such instances.

  • Bookings: Most bag storage locations ask for bookings well in advance, as there may be chances of last-minute unavailability during peak season.

Vertoe is just that perfect baggage storage spot that you have been looking for. With every single requirement ticked off your bucket list, there is nothing more that you can ask for. Simply visit select your preferred date, location, and the number of items, and proceed with payment to confirm your booking. For additional bag drop-off details in Toronto, check this article by freetoursbyfoot.

Vertoe Luggage storage Toronto options near major attractions

Known as "the world within a city," Toronto is Canada's largest city and boasts of more than 4.8 million residents who represent 80+ ethnic groups. Toronto is a multicultural Mecca known for its unrivaled array of over 5,000 restaurants, world-class theater scene, diverse neighborhoods, and assorted highlights unique to Ontario's capital city.

Below are a few of the major attractions in Toronto where you can find Vertoe luggage storage space close by:

CN Tower, also called Canadian National Tower, is a broadcast and telecommunications tower in Toronto. Standing at a height of 1,815 feet (553 meters), it was the world’s tallest freestanding structure until 2007 and offers a beautiful view of Toronto. The concrete megastructure is home to a number of observation decks, a restaurant with the highest wine cellar in the world (at 1,151 feet), and the EdgeWalk, a thrilling attraction that lets visitors walk outside the structure at 1,168 feet above street level.

Bag storage in Toronto is extremely handy for visitors flocking to experience this engineering Wonder and Toronto's must-see attraction and dining destination.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada beacons you to experience the wonders of the ocean up close and personal. Experience thousands of jellies, backlit and color-changing displays, and some of the most fascinating animals on Earth. This tranquil gallery is sure to keep you mesmerized and will give you a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the secret world of some of the ocean’s most mysterious creatures. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto at the base of the CN Tower, the aquarium is Toronto's must-see attraction for tourists and locals of all ages.

Store your bags in Toronto to explore Canada’s largest indoor aquarium and immerse yourselves in the aquatic exhibits including an underwater walkway along with an awe-inspiring attraction that consists of nine carefully curated galleries showcasing a cross-section of saltwater and freshwater environments from around the world, totally bags-free!

St. Lawrence Market is a historic food market in Toronto's Old Town that has its origins in the early 1800s. Locals regularly shop its stalls for produce, meats, cheeses, and more, while tourists come for the bustling atmosphere and tasty foods. There’s also the Market Kitchen, a cooking school and event space where you can take culinary classes or partake in special hands-on dinners that include shopping the market for ingredients.

Making use of Toronto luggage storage is advisable before you embark to explore this historic landmark that has evolved from a marketplace and has served as a vibrant social hub and even housed the City Hall. The market tantalizes visitors with various delectable delights, ranging from gourmet cured meats to intricately handcrafted jewelry.

Luggage storage Toronto Tips near Transit Spots

Located at the heart of downtown Toronto on Front Street between Bay and York, Union Station is the major inter-city transportation hub of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). The station sees over 200,000 travelers a day who are mostly commuters from all over the GTHA.

Bag storage locations become functional in Canada’s busiest, multi-modal passenger transportation hub which is a designated national historic site and a significant part of Toronto’s history and identity.

A few tips that one needs to keep in mind while scouting for storage space near transit spots are-

  • Safety: The first and most important factor when it comes to a baggage storage facility in and around a transit spot is safety. Knowing and assuring yourself that your bags are in safe hands can make you feel relaxed and at peace while you explore the city.

  • Convenience: The convenience associated with the location being closest to a transit hub makes it all the more worthwhile. It would be a shame to walk around for miles searching for a storage location.

  • Connectivity: Connectivity to other modes of means of transport plays a crucial role in choosing the perfect luggage storage facility. There is nothing more one can ask for if a given location acts as a link between 2 or more transit spots.

  • Easy drop & pick up: A said baggage storage location needs to facilitate easy drop and pick up in order to enjoy a hassle-free to and fro experience during dropping and then picking up bags at a transit spot.

Union Station Toronto is the largest of the great urban train stations built during the early 20th century.More than a quarter-million people use Union Station daily. It is also a multi-modal passenger transportation hub.

Union Station facilitates rail service from GO Transit, Via Rail, Amtrak, and Ontario Northland. Combined with the TTC station and GO Bus Terminal, Union Station is the busiest passenger transportation facility in Canada.

Luggage storage in Union Station is convenient for travelers to explore this monumental five-storey Beaux-Arts building in the heart of downtown Toronto, as it is not only the premier transit center in Toronto, but is also the largest, busiest and most stunning train station in Canada.

Luggage storage Toronto Tips near Airports

There are 4 airports in Toronto. (These include Toronto Pearson International, Billy Bishop Toronto City, Downsview Airport, Buttonville Municipal Airport.) Toronto Pearson International Airport, located mainly in Mississauga, is the busiest airport in Canada and hosts international travel with various airlines. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport on the Toronto Islands is a regional airport, providing regular services to United States destinations.

A few checks need to be in place before opting for a bag storage spot near airports-

  • Safety: A safe and secure luggage storage environment is paramount before you decide to let go of your bags for a while.

  • Cost-effective options: Ending up overpaying for a short-term luggage storage facility should be discouraged. For an affordable convenience fee, you can leave your bags at a temporary storage facility instead.

  • Convenience: Look for a convenient storage facility in order to avoid constant back and forth at the airport while holding your luggage to avoid cumbersome and inefficient travel.

Vertoe is a dependable instant luggage storage service that serves the purpose of saving ample time during dropping and picking up your bags. Get going with your instantaneous touristy agenda totally worry-free while Vertoe handles your baggage like a pro!

Toronto International Airport is Canada’s largest airport in terms of total passenger traffic and North America’s second largest in terms of international traffic. With daily non-stop flights to many of the world’s economies, people and goods across the country, the continent and around the globe.

The airport has had US immigration preclearance capabilities since 1952, allowing international transfer passengers to pass through US immigration in Toronto, and proceeding to any number of destinations within the United States. This has allowed the airport to grow and essentially become a major East Coast airport hub not just for Canadian but American travelers as well.

Making use of luggage storage at Toronto International Airport can be feasible as the airport has a host of innovative tools and resources, a variety of cultural attractions, shopping and dining options to indulge in, and also to experience a more predictable, easier and enjoyable transit option for travelers.

Book Vertoe for all your luggage storage needs in Toronto

Vertoe, the world's leading on-demand short-term storage facility lets you book and access safe storage space instantly anytime, anywhere for as low as $5.95/day/item. Our instant storage service accommodates the needs of daily storage as well as short-term storage, be it storing your bags for a couple of hours or for a few days. Wait no further, book a Vertoe, and do away with all your luggage-related anxiety.

Give yourself the well-deserved respite from lugging those bags and baggage and get footloose and fancy-free! Go ahead and make the most of all these perks by booking a Vertoe space for all your luggage storage needs in Toronto.

You can also check luggage storage guide Toronto for more information on where to store your bags in Toronto.



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