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How to Travel Light with Minimalist Packing?

Traveling light is the key to enable one to move about freely and comfortably. The art of packing light can make traveling much easier. Have ever tried to drag a huge suitcase over cobblestone streets? Or even loading yourself on a train or even climbing a few steps with heavy bags?

Carrying those bulky bags through airports and then again, every time you change cities throughout your trip is a task in itself.

Rules to Pack Minimalistic for Travel 


Make note of the things you plan to do, the weather conditions at the location you are supposed to be going to. List out the things you will need for both activities, like clothes, footwear and so on. Carry items that serve dual purpose and avoid taking things that are nice to have but are not required.

2. Pack only the “must-haves” and not “nice-to-have.”

Resist the urge to pack items which according to you can be needed “just-in-case”. Stay flexible and deal with situations as they come by eliminating anything you absolutely don't need for a particular trip.

3. At most pack for just a week


It is always easier to do laundry than carrying lots of stuff which add up to heavy and multiple bags. By sticking to a simple color palette, you can easily mix and match with anything that can be worn with anything else.

4. Do not pack in panic


 Packing in a calm and controlled way can help find things that are necessary for the trip easily and cross things off your list once they are inside the bag. Last-minute packing can result in stuffing your luggage with things that you may actually not need.

5. Choose the right Luggage

Two things to consider while choosing the right luggage are size and weight. Using a smaller and lighter luggage is a great way to facilitate light packing. Any bag which can fit in all your essentials with expandable options are always helpful. Avoid suitcase and backpacks that are made with heavy materials which can weigh you down unnecessarily.

Packing at least one day before and keeping a quarter of your bag empty are some other ways to make loading and unloading easier, along with making space for storing any gifts or souvenirs. For even more organization, use packing cubes.

With all of this said and done, there still can be situations where you tend to overpack and end up with bulky bags at a given destination. Dragging them in tow, especially if you are hopping destinations or before check-ins and check-outs at hotels and accommodations can be cumbersome. 

Lifting heavy bags can also be bad for your back, hips and shoulders. So, what do you do with heavy or overly large bags? 

Consider utilizing luggage storage services to store your bags. Luggage storage services are places where you can temporarily store your belongings so as to not have to carry it.

How can you manage excessive Luggage with Luggage Storage Services?

Luggage storage can significantly reduce your burden while dealing with awkward check-in and check-out timings. Vertoe, known as the pioneer in the short-term storage arena, has 1000+ instant storage locations available across 65+ cities closer to all major tourist attractions, landmarks and transit hubs.

If you are stuck somewhere with bulky suitcases and in desperate need for a place to stash them, then book a bag storage spot by visiting from wherever you are. It's simple, have a look at nearby locations that fit your needs by entering your address in the search bar and selecting your check-in/check-out date and time and then go ahead with booking for the storage location of your choice.

Take a break from those bulky belongings by stashing them away with Vertoe bag storage and enjoy the convenience, flexibility and peace of mind that you gain without the burden of heavy suitcases.

Find out more details about luggage storage services by Vertoe in the following cities: NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, Jersey City, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Houston, Austin, Singapore, Toronto, Melbourne and Sydney.



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